4D4F (Data Decisions for Dairy Farmers) is hosting an informative webinar on the latest dairy innovations, aimed to change the way we farm.

From improving animal welfare to reducing the use of antibiotics, listen to experts from across Europe on how technologies are shaping the future of dairy farming and the food industry.

The webinar is a unique industry event, where you will have the chance to access a wealth of information and expertise for free, and you will be given plenty of time to send your questions and get answers in real time.

Dairy technology – starting the welfare revolution

Time: 13.00–14.00 Wednesday November 21st, 2018

Venue: Media event – webcast

The benefits associated with using sensor technology in dairy farming are far reaching:

  • Improved animal welfare;
  • Enhanced animal performance and farm profitability;
  • Improved product quality;
  • Minimised adverse environmental impacts;
  • Reduced use of antibiotics through preventive health measures.

Join the 4D4F webinar to see:

  • How to make better, more consistent decisions on farm;
  • A warehouse that helps farmers make the best investment decision;
  • Two technologies combined to revolutionise lameness management;
  • Who has won the 2018 4D4F innovation prize.

How to access the webinar and further information