Using a ‘multi actor farm health team’ approach for herd/flock health planning.

IfA's Laura Palczynski and Lisa Morgans have delivered four training sessions for farm vets across the South West of England in the last 3 months. This training has been provided as part of the DISARM project, which is developing and promoting the ‘farm health team’ approach for optimising herd and flock health planning, with the intention of reducing the unnecessary use of farm antibiotics.
A key aspect of this ‘farm health team’ approach is facilitation - coaching the team through a process of change, open discussion, setting goals and monitoring progress against agreed targets.  
Kicking off with an introduction to the DISARM project, these sessions explore with farm vets how they can establish a multi-actor farm health team, effectively coach the team through a process of change and facilitate peer-to-peer learning with farmer groups to support any changes.
Sessions included some ‘train the trainer’ type activities on peer-to-peer learning and establishing a farm health team, as well as a range of facilitation activities to demonstrate what a facilitator can do and how creative you can be. These discussions conclude with how vets can adopt these skills into a vet led team or vet advisory toolbox for farmers.
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