Recently, Head of Livestock Lisa Morgans went to Town Barton Farm to meet dairy farmers Jack and David Munday, of the Sandford Gate Milk Company. The Mundays run a 250 head herd of autumn calving cow and now sell their milk direct to the consumer through a milk vending machine. Lisa discussed with Jack how they optimize cow health whilst considering the environmental impact of farming methods.

Jack has also attended farmer action groups which has helped develop his knowledge on responsible antibiotic use. Peer to peer learning is a brilliant way to support social change and improve businesses. Farmer action groups facilitate important discussions that can lead to significant farm changes, whilst providing a social opportunity: being able to discuss, question, muse and laugh are all key factors in peer to peer learning

“Building relationships and nurturing a support network requires energy, which is hard to do well online. Online meetings have a role to play and can help us reach more people and reduce travel time but nothing quite replaces the benefits of face-to-face interaction - from a safe distance of course!”

Lisa Morgans