On Wednesday evening (24th Feb) we held our third positive sheep welfare workshop in collaboration with HDWool. Although this time we were sadly forced to hold a virtual meeting, the workshop still provided the opportunity to talk to a brilliant team of farmers about positive practices for sheep well being. 

This is a pilot project with wool growers to co-develop a positive welfare framework that encourages and promotes the opportunities farmers are giving their sheep for a ‘Good Life’The end goal is to demonstrate the work wool growers are doing to go above minimum standards for sheep welfare and share that story along the wool supply chain resulting in a higher price paid for wool.  

After an introductory online meeting back in May 2020, we managed to meet on farm last December for a socially distant farm walk and facilitated discussion. The group focused on shearing as the topic of choice, discussing the shearing process from the perspective of a sheep, and which events and opportunities exist during shearing to provide a more positive experience.

The third workshop, held yesterday evening, further explored all the brilliant things farmers do for sheep care which goes above and beyond minimum standards and gives a positive experience to sheep rather than simply 'absence of harm'. 

In April we hope to run a final face-to-face event and from here we will work with HDWool towards a verifiable tool to audit and promote sheep wellbeing within the wool industry.

For more information contact Lisa Morgans via lisam@i4agri.org