IfA is one of 164 partner organisations contributing to the 'SmartAgri Hubs' project. This 4 year initiative aims to boost the uptake of digital solutions within the farming sector.

By creating a network that will work together on ground-breaking research and innovation, the project is able to give farmers a clear view of the technologies that may be coming down the line. 

SmartAgriHubs also funds a number of 'Flagship Innovation Experiments' through which technology solutions are tested with a view to eventually bringing them to market. 

The Ireland & UK Regional Cluster, of which IfA is a part, is currently running two Flagship Innovation Experiments. The Farm Sustainability Audit is measuring a range of metrics in the dairy industry related to energy and water use, nutrient use efficiency, animal welfare and greenhouse gas emissions, while STREAM is applying digital technologies to simplify the production of farmland habitat reports.

Amongst other topics, this 12th edition of the SmartAgri Hubs (SAH) newsletter includes a funding roadmap outlining a selection of local and regional funding opportunities in the UK & Ireland, as well as across Europe. This may be of interest for any 'Digital Innovation Hubs' looking for funding to support their latest business ideas.

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