To address and solve the issues raised by COVID-19!

The global pandemic has an impact on all parts of our society.
Moreover, the crisis makes us aware of the great importance of Health, AgriFood and ICT-systems.

We need to realise that on a local/regional/national basis many solutions are created within a short time, or gain new relevance.
These solutions could get an extra boost and further impact when they are optimised and linked all across Europe.
SmartAgriHubs is a unique pan-European network on AgriFood- and ICT systems. Whats more this network can be of high value right now, by linking solutions.

The project gives support to innovation with:

  • Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) facilitating access to the latest knowledge and expertise. 
  • Competence Centres (CCs) offering advanced technical expertise, access to the latest knowledge and information on digital technologies, as well as test facilities and other technological and scientific infrastructure.
  • 28 Flagship Innovation Experiments that put technology solutions into practice; with the help of DIHs, and technology support provided by Competence Centres.
  • Regional Clusters (RC) establishing bridges between the agri-food sector and technology providers in their respective regions.
  • The Innovation Portal contains great tools and information for Networking and Training; it contains an interesting Library, a comprehensive Calendar and a Forum with vivid discussions.

How can you benefit? Well, you can take advantage of these instruments, by joining the Challenge & Solution Canvas.

You can join in 2 ways:

1. By giving input for Challenges, giving inspiration for solutions.

-Mention and explain the challenges you are aware of.

-Link SAH to information pages, Q&As, etc that give an overview of challenges

2. By offering Solutions and plans to expand their impact, thereby solving challenges. Come with your existing solutions, and showcase additional value or come with ideas, concepts that others can realise.

All the input is public and will feed also on the COVID-19 page on the SAH website.

COVID-19 does not wait, neither does SAH. Therefore, SAH ask you for your input through a few simple steps:

  • Before April 29: insert your Challenges or Solutions in the SAH virtual brainstorm Forum
  • On April 30, 11.00-12.30 hrs, join in a brainstorm & connect to the SAH Webinar (register here)
  • Based on the chosen Challenges & Solutions, you can get in touch with DIHs and submit your shared initiatives, that connect different solutions to make impact on COVID challenges.

Please note that this information is taken from the Smart Agri Hubs website. IfA are a lead partner in the SAH project. To find out more about the project and our role, visit the resources area of our website.