Innovation for Agriculture have launched their much-awaited interactive virtual event platform.

Built on the foundations of last years ‘Greatest Online Ag Show’, which was created by David Hill and Innovation for Agriculture, it is anticipated that this new facility will allow IfA to run their usual farm walks and workshops despite the current Covid restrictions.  

Whilst IfA ran events in 2020, such as the Soil Farmer of the year competition by virtue of video links, it is hoped that this platform will enable the organisation to take virtual events a step further to ensure live interaction and learning.

IfA believe it is vital that farmers still have access to the latest knowledge and information, despite the circumstances surrounding Covid-19 and consequently have developed this online facility to ensure the continuation of the services they would normally be offering farmers.

The virtual event platform offers presentations and mentorship, virtual farm visits, live Q&A sessions and other resources to replicate real events.

Martha Hayes, Manager of Media and Communications at IfA, says: ‘We foresee that in a post-Covid world, the platform will enable us to run virtual events alongside our physical events, removing the barriers to attendance such as number restrictions or location. We know that a lot of our farmers would like to see us back running events again, so we are delighted to have this facility to enable us to do so whilst we are still subject to Covid uncertainty. Resources and videos will be available for farmers to watch in their own time during, for example, a one-week period. We will then conclude the events with Q&A sessions from our experts and farmers, providing the opportunity to ask those burning questions which you would normally be able to discuss at a face-to-face event. We are really looking forward to reconnecting with our farmers.”

The virtual events facility will be available for both IfA run events, or for events hosted in partnership with/on behalf of other organisations.

The first set of events, three soil and water quality workshops, will kick off in April and are being run on behalf of Thames Water. These invite-only events will be followed by IfA open access workshops covering soil health, animal welfare, regenerative agriculture and antimicrobial resistance.

The Innovation for Agriculture website and social media will be kept up to date with the latest information on upcoming events.

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