Innovation for Agriculture are proud to have recently celebrated international day of rural women 2020. Taking place annually on the 15th October, the day aims to commemorate the work of women in agriculture across the globe.

In terms of gender, it could be said that IfA is unusual for an agricultural organisation. 60% of the employees are women and of those women 40% are active farmers alongside their work for IfA.

Manager of IfA communications Martha Hayes said “When compared to most industries, agriculture has traditionally been very male dominated. We therefore wanted to use the international day of rural women to showcase our brilliant team of women farmers, demonstrating that times are evolving, and women are as much at the forefront of British agriculture as men.

Nowadays I would say the biggest barrier to change is showing women that those opportunities are there for them, regardless of their gender. Agriculture has become a very encouraging place for women.”

IfA believes that the next crucial step is to combat racial discrimination in the industry. The organisation will be exploring ways that they can encourage BAME groups into UK agriculture,  whilst also targeting the barriers which prevent a more diverse agricultural industry currently.