This course is designed for farmers, advisors and land managers who wish to improve their awareness, knowledge and skills in soil and water management - two essential components of modern agriculture.

In recent years, there has been an increased focus on soil management in agriculture to improve the sustainability, resilience and productivity of the agricultural land across the world. This nationally recognised BASIS qualification will equip farmers and advisers to understand the relationship between the physical structure, biological and chemical processes that contribute to the quality of soils, and how these processes can be influenced by farming systems.

The course is delivered by the team of industry leading farmers & soil scientists at Innovation for Agriculture, with a key focus on practical farm-based solutions to align the course content with UK agricultural industry needs. Delivery is in the form of a mixture of practical demonstration, outdoor and indoor learning designed specifically for arable and livestock farmers to understand their soils better and how to improve them.

Course content

  • Introduction to soil
  • Physical properties of soil
  • Chemical properties of soil
  • Soil biology and soil life
  • Organic matter and the carbon cycle
  • Soil management and remediation practices


Duration: 5 days

Entry Requirements: No formal entry requirements.

Cost: £975 + VAT including Exam Fee and learning materials.

Contact for all enquiries:

Joe Collins

Soil and Water Researcher

Innovation for Agriculture