Nefertiti, IPMworks & IPM Decisions.

Sharing innovation for sustainable agriculture and showing how demonstrations and knowledge exchange work.

Deborah Crossan and Richard Lloyd of IFA attended this conference as part of the Nefertiti project, which IFA has been a part of since 2018.

The EU has set ambitious targets for the next decade to mitigate against climate change, halve pesticide use and reverse the catastrophic loss of biodiversity, whilst also ensuring global food supply, and working to achieve fair profitability for farmers. The Nefertiti and IPMworks projects supported the general adoption of sustainable agricultural practices through building a network of pioneering farmers, plus disseminating regenerative practices through demonstration events and knowledge sharing within farmer groups coordinated by hub coaches (facilitators). IPMDecisions supported both these projects by providing access to Decision Support tools to manage farm systems, for example, reducing pesticide use.

Deborah Crossan spoke on the panel discussion “Being a HUB Coach – sharing knowledge, transforming futures” alongside Amandine Fauriat Chamber of Agriculture, Anton Jagodic EUFRAS and Stanimir Stefanov NAAS- BG. The discussion informed delegates on the value of farm demonstrations and how partners have increased their skillset at running these over the duration of the project, whilst also developing skills in providing virtual demonstrations with digital tools, such as the IFA Live platform.

These 3 projects are ending this Autumn however the knowledge, skills and partnerships will be continued as IfA joins a new 7-year project, named Climate Farm Demo which launches in October 2022. With this in mind, the IfA team are keen to hear from pioneering farmers who are already meeting the challenges of farming to mitigate against climate change.