The first year of the H2020 FAIRshare project has been completed. The overarching aim of FAIRshare is to ensure that farm advisors and their organisations effectively use digital tools and services for supporting a more productive and sustainable agriculture. 

The project is led by Teagasc, (the Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority), and brings together 22 partners from 15 countries across Europe. The 5-year project will engage, enable and empower the independent farm advisory community, through sharing of tools, expertise and experiences. 

To conclude the first year of the project an Annual Meeting of the Consortium was held this November in Athens.

The meeting was very successful and provided an overview of the activities and tasks from the first year of the project.

During the meeting, best practices were identified and an interactive workshop on the motivation and advisor uptake of digital technologies was held. The partners also considered the issues of Data and Ethics in Digital Agriculture.

IfA’s Head of Policy and Social, Evi Arachoviti, presented an overview of WP4 which IfA are leading. WP4 will identify ‘Novel Digital Tools and their potential use and impacts on advisory’. This will pilot new tools in different advisory contexts to identify the change management and innovation process issues. These tools and their novel technologies will be offered from the FAIRshare digital tool platform to user case participants, giving rise to valuable learning about the barriers to adoption.

The project anticipates spill-over effects of digital tool infrastructures between agricultural advisors across regions and between different countries, once advisors start sharing tools and experiences and when cross-fertilisation between farmers, advisors and other stakeholders begin. Valuable learning tips and insights, which are transferable, will also be provided.

Innovation for Agriculture feels particularly enthusiastic about this project, believing that peer-to-peer exchange of advisory tools, experiences and motivations can enable advisors to adapt to the digital transformation of agriculture and will stimulate the farming community to be more involved in the digital age.

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