The FAIRshare project has launched two new surveys which will help the project to better understand advisers’ and farmers’ needs and interests regarding digital advisory services (DATS) in different countries across Europe.

The first survey is aimed at farmers and will provide a clearer insight into the use, understanding and reach of digital advisory services. 

If you are a farmer then please take 10 minutes to answer the survey here.

The second survey is aimed at farm advisors and will generate a view on the level of dissemination, use and demand of current tools. 

If you are a farm advisor please answer the survey here.

The goal of this survey is to understand farm advisors' needs and interests regarding digital advisory tools and services (DATS) in different European countries. As a result, FAIRshare can contribute to the body of knowledge regarding the demand for DATS. 

Why take part?

1. Advisors will have access to the main results of the survey via the FAIRShare project website. This can show them a cross-section of interests as well as potential applications for digital advisory tools and services (DATS). It could also help advisors to understand their situation compared to that of other advisors and should help them decide where digital advisory service might be suitable for them.

2. Information will be presented at international conferences as advisors' interests and attitudes are relevant to a larger scientific community.

3. The results will be interesting for the farming-related ICT-industry, as it will enable providers to better understand advisors' needs and thus design corresponding tools and solutions.