Get involved and add digital advisory tools and services to the FAIRshare inventory. 

- Your DATS will be shared widely across the advisory community in Europe.

- Your DATS can enhance problem solving of other advisors

-Be connected and develop synergies with other DATS and or/advisors

-Improve the accessibility and availability of your DATS

- Your DATS could be selected to be part of a user case study in other advisory services 

-You will increase your profile in the project and thereby increase the likelihood of being asked to participate in other project activities (i.e workshops/focus groups/cross visits)

-Your DATS could be selected as a good practice.

Find out more from the latest FAIRshare leaflet here

or you can add digital tools and services directly to the FAIRshare inventory here.

For more information about the project as a whole visit the FAIRshare website.