We are holding a series of focus groups alongside the University of Nottingham as part of an international project called DECIDE which started this summer. The focus of the project is around developing data-driven decision making tools for farmers and vets.

We would like to invite those either working in the UK beef sector or with an interest in UK beef production to participate in one of our online focus groups. The sessions will explore how calf disease (pneumonia/scours) is currently being managed on beef farms and if/how data and technology are used to inform that decision making. In particular, what gaps are there that would help you make informed decisions, reduce calf disease and contribute to farm profitability. 

The details for the pilot focus group are as follows:

Date: Tues 7th Dec

Time: 5pm till ~6.30pm

Online on Zoom/Teams.

This will be an engaging session allowing you to exchange practices with others in the beef sector, whilst providing the opportunity to contribute to the development of future decision support tools.

If you would like to participate please get in touch with Martha via marthah@i4agri.org  Equally if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. Your contribution would be hugely appreciated 😊