Susan Conlon a researcher working at the University of Bristol, Stephen Briggs and Deborah Crossan from Innovation for Agriculture, have teamed to help find participants in a project exploring the use of azole fungicides in the Southwest

What is the project?

Working with colleagues from the Universities of Exeter and Cardiff, the project aims to build a broad understanding of the use of azole fungicides in crop protection from the perspectives of farmers and scientists. We suspect that fungicide use in arable farming will become a central issue for future policies directed towards improving water quality and reducing anti-microbial resistance. This research project will provide farmers with a platform to share their experiences of using azoles in farming and will raise awareness of the impacts any changes to fungicide policies would have for them.

How can you help?

We are actively seeking farmers to participate in this research by joining us for a simple interview. 

Interviews are usually completed within 1 hour and so far interviewees have found the experience to be quite enjoyable! As a token of appreciation for those participating, we will gift farmers a £20 gift voucher at the end of the project. 

During the interview, members of our team will chat with participating farmers about (1) their farm (2) their experiences in managing plant health and diseases (3) any feedback they might have on relationships with industry and government officials in this area. It doesn’t matter if participants haven’t thought about these issues before.

If you would be interested in helping us with this research we can organise a chat either online or over the phone, and will arrange a time to suit you. Please contact Susan Conlon on or 07477836446 to get involved.