Intro to dairy essentials for students and teachers goes online

For a new generation of farming teenagers embarking on entry level agriculture courses, a set of 12 infographics about the basics of precision livestock production has been produced by an EU Horizon 2020 funded project.

Data Driven Dairy Decisions for Farmers (4D4F) is being led from the UK by Innovation For Agriculture (IfA), with 15 other European partners.

Copies of the infographics are available to any organisation working with the industry’s potential new entrants, says IfA project leader Richard Lloyd.

Topics covered include animal activity and behaviour, automated calf feeding, grassland management, automated metabolic disease detection, and the benefits of electronic I/D in dairy goats.

Across the spectrum from new recruits to seasoned professionals, Richard Lloyd says 4D4F aims to help dairy farmers make more data driven decisions based on automated sensor technology. Its website ( contains a growing body of work including a number of short advisory videos and 12 best practice guides, all available free of charge to dairy farmers, vets and advisers via a one-off registration process.

For the industry’s more experienced members, one of the videos features an interview with researcher Dr Jeffery Bewley from Kentucky University, USA. His research on activity sensors has identified that automated heat detection systems are 25—30% better than four-times-a-day, 30 minutes-a-session, visual observation by experienced cattle breeding technicians.

Unrestricted access to 4D4F resources for farmers and vets, advisers and students, supply trade and academics, is free of charge via registration at the website.