Coming soon: Demo units

Coming soon: Demo units for dairy sensors, grassland carbon and organic livestock

In the next four years, UK demonstration units will be established as showcases for sensor technologies in the dairy sector, grassland and carbon capture, and animal health in the organic sector. They will result from a new EU project called Nefertiti, in which Innovation for Agriculture (IfA) is involved along with 24 other partners from 16 countries. In addition to UK, the project will establish demonstrations right across Europe, some based on commercial farms and others at research institutes. The sensor technology element is a logical progression of our existing Data Driven Dairy Decisions for Farmers (4D4F) EU project.

The two other demo topics also fit well with our existing programmes on soil health and antibiotic reduction. A key part of Nefertiti will involve the exchange of information and experiences across the partnership, so that successful strategies can be replicated elsewhere.

So unhindered (so far, fingers crossed) by Brexit, we continue to exchange ideas across Europe and seek opportunities to engage with the Horizon 2020 science programme to achieve our organisational WHY (see first item) “to help farmers make best use of existing and emerging knowledge to…

Of course, we very much hope and intend that our involvement will continue in Europe after the dust has settled!