We are recruiting : summer work

From 15th May until 1st August 2019 we are seeking individuals to attend agricultural shows on behalf of Innovation for Agriculture. The theme for this years’ show season is AMR (antimicrobial resistance), and better use of antibiotics across the agricultural sector. Tasks will include setting up show stand, as well as interacting with the attendees to promote AMR.

Hotel accommodation and expenses will be provided together with an attractive per diem.

Ideal for recently qualified and latter year vet students, or agricultural stu- dents.

If you are interested to find out more, please forward your CV together with a covering note to: nialo@i4agri.org by 29th March 2019.

Sensor Technology & Dairy Farming

The 4D4F (Data Driven Dairy Decisions for Farmers) H2020 project which is led by Innovation for Agriculture has released a video that shows the impact of the use of sensor technology and how it can improve dairy farming.

The video discusses the project including sensor technology benefits and impacts.  It covers two case studies:

  • Miracle Tech technology, the winner of the 4D4F Award, and brief interview with farmer George Coles on how the 4D4F project contributed to benefit his business.
  • Edwin Voermans explains how useful the ear tag sensors have been for managing the cows in the farm

View the video here


Visit IfA at Dairy-Tech 2019

The IfA team are at dairy-Tech 2019, talk to them about  4D4F, NEFERTITI and their projects on antibiotic resistance to see how using the latest technology and improved animal welfare can reduce the use of antibiotics on farm and increase farm profitability.

IfA’s video launch highlights UK success stories on reducing antibiotic use in farm animals

UK farmers should be congratulated on achieving a 40% reduction in antibiotic use in 5 years (to 2017) with even bigger falls in critically important antibiotics. In many cases this has happened by improving management practices which has also resulted in increased profitability. However, this is just the beginning and we need to keep on improving.

Innovation for Agriculture has produced the first 20  in a series of best practice videos looking at farmer’s tips on how they have achieved this – covering pigs, dairy, sheep, beef and calf rearing and this can be accessed at https://www.innovationforagriculture.org.uk/livestock/#improving  . This is a free resource funded by the Cadogan Charity.

Innovation for Agriculture will also participate in a European initiative DISARM (Disseminating Innovative Solutions for Antibiotic Resistance Management). This will serve to bring together industry stakeholders, (farmers, veterinarians, industry professionals, advisors, and processors), in a Community of Practice (CoP); to help identify and disseminate best practice antibiotic use. IfA would like to encourage anyone wishing to partake in the CoP, or find out more to please get in touch. nialo@i4agri.org

5 Quick Questions for Dairy Farmers

As project leader for 4D4F (Data Decisions for Dairy Farmers) we would like to hear from dairy farmers about what really matters to you.

There are 5 quick questions about the use of sensor technologies to improve productivity and sustainability on dairy farms:

Link here

Sharing data and experience to benefit sustainable dairy farming

For the 4D4F farming network, the sharing of tech know-how has already resulted in improved welfare and profitability, with potential to increase feed efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  The EU-supported 4D4F network  was established to help dairy farmers base management decisions on data, such as that gathered by sensing equipment, leading to best practices for more sustainable dairy farming.

Sharing knowledge

4D4F has evolved around a European-wide Community of Practice (CoP) to share knowledge, both physically and virtually. As project coordinator, Mr Richard Lloyd explains, “It was important to focus on subjects determined in a bottom-up way. So the community voted on what was important for them. Out of this we arrived at 12 special interest groups.”

For each group 4D4F developed a Best Practice Guide, an infographic and a best practice video, all made available in the languages of the project partners.

These groups, along with an additional virtual resource known as the Warehouse of Technology, (comprising an overview of, and comparisons between, all of the current technology), were crucial to not only help farmers make the best investment decisions for their particular farms, but also unlock the potential of the technology already owned.

Read full article here

Free Webinar With Leading Dairy Experts & Farmers

4D4F (Data Decisions for Dairy Farmers) is hosting an informative webinar on the latest dairy innovations, aimed to change the way we farm.

From improving animal welfare to reducing the use of antibiotics, listen to experts from across Europe on how technologies are shaping the future of dairy farming and the food industry.

The webinar is a unique industry event, where you will have the chance to access a wealth of information and expertise for free, and you will be given plenty of time to send your questions and get answers in real time.

Dairy technology – starting the welfare revolution

Time: 13.00–14.00 Wednesday November 21st, 2018

Venue: Media event – webcast

The benefits associated with using sensor technology in dairy farming are far reaching:

  • Improved animal welfare;
  • Enhanced animal performance and farm profitability;
  • Improved product quality;
  • Minimised adverse environmental impacts;
  • Reduced use of antibiotics through preventive health measures.

Join the 4D4F webinar to see:

  • How to make better, more consistent decisions on farm;
  • A warehouse that helps farmers make the best investment decision;
  • Two technologies combined to revolutionise lameness management;
  • Who has won the 2018 4D4F innovation prize.

How to access the webinar and further information

4D4F – Hooibeekhoeve Calf Housing

In the first crucial months of a calf’s life, the calf is susceptible to infectious diseases. During this period, the calf’s health can be affected by many factors. One of these factors is its housing. Traditionally, calves are kept individually in outdoor igloo’s. In the Hooibeekhoeve, a research and demonstration farm in Antwerp, Belgium, young calves are individually housed indoors. The air for the ventilation in this calf house is separated from the barn with the adult cows. From the outside of the barn, three inlets draw fresh air from via underground channels through the floor of the calf house. The air then passes through the house and is subsequently extracted at the ceiling and sent to the barn with the adult cows. The separate ventilation for cows serves to prevent infections from the adult cows in the bigger barn to spread to the younger calves. Another benefit of this ventilation system is the ability to keep the room temperature and the humidity of the air constant, in contrast to outdoor igloo’s. It creates a comfortable surrounding for the calves that protects the calves against the cold weather and keeps them warm at all times. This video is a collaboration between M3-BIORES and 4D4F.

Video Link

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