Antibiotic Resistance

The emerging resistance of bacteria to antibiotics, including those which are said to be critically important in the treatment of infections in humans, is a significant threat worldwide. Recent studies carried out in the UK has revealed the presence of antibiotic resistant Escherichia coli  in UK origin pig and chicken meat sold in major UK food retailers which reveal the full extent of resistance to key human antibiotics in E.coli present on supermarket meat.

Based on these findings, the government set a cross-species industry wide reduction target of 50mg of antibiotics for every kg of livestock by 2018. RUMA target task force has since developed species-specific reduction targets, which can be viewed in their 2017 target task force report. To be part of this goal, IfA have a team of experts who are currently active in research on husbandry and other new practices associated with reduced antibiotic use on the farms both in the UK and overseas. Our team have the ability to simplify complex information into practical and accessible guidance for practicing farmer.

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