4D4F – Data driven dairy decisions for farmers

IfA are the lead partner of the Horizon 2020 EU Data Driven Dairy Decision for Farmers (4D4F) project, which has 16 partners across 9 EU countries. The project investigates the role which dairy animal and environmental sensors can play in collecting real time information to help make more informed decisions in dairy farming.

The 4D4F network brings together farmers, farm advisors, technology suppliers, knowledge exchange professionals and researchers to identify, share, debate, disseminate and support the implementation of sensor data to reinforce and improve existing management.

IfA’s livestock team are delivering quality, informative resources to farmers including best practice guides on the use of sensors and data analysis tools supported by videos, infographics and an online virtual warehouse of dairy sensor technologies.

To be part of this network, join the 4d4f community for free by visiting www.4d4f.eu.

Also, keep an eye on the events page to find workshops of interest being held in your region.

Turning data into something useful:

A set of 10 videos and 12 infographics can be viewed below to see how automated data recording and analysis can lead to quicker and better decisions on dairy farms. They have been produced by the precision livestock team at IfA in the organisation’s role as leader of the Horizon 2020 EU Data Driven Dairy Decisions for Farmers (4D4F) project.


Nutrition – view here

Reproduction – view here

Udder Health – view here

Milking Data – view here

Metabolic Diseases – view here

Housing – view here

Goats I – view here

Goats II – view here

Data Management – view here

Calves & Youngstock – view here

Activity & Behaviour – view here