Meeting The Challenge To Reduce Antibiotic Use In Food Animals

IfA Conference: Meeting The Challenge To Reduce Antibiotic Use In Food Animals

Following the O’Neill report, action is needed to meet the challenge of reducing antibiotic use in food animals.

There is a prediction of one human death due to antibiotic reistant infection every three seconds by 2050. Already, antibiotic resistant E.coli has been found in chicken and pig meat on sale in UK shops. The Government has a target to reduce antibiotic use, markedly and quickly.

This conference is aimed at farmers, vets, advisers, researchers and stakeholders in the farm-to-public supply chain.

At the end of the conference attendees will:

  • be better informed about reducing antibiotic use
  • understand a viewpoint different from their own
  • have practical strategies to introduce on farms, relevant to dairy, pig, poultry meat, eggs, beef and sheep production
  • have no doubt that changes for the better have to be introduced on ALL farms, even those already practising responsible and justified use of antibiotics
  • be motivated to play their own part in giving future generations a realistic chance of avoiding the possibly fatal consequences of an antibiotic-resistant infection.


Paul Green, Director of Operations, VMD

O’Neill report (1): Veterinary Medicines Directorate perspective

Owen Atkinson, Dairy Veterinary Consultancy

O’Neill report (2): A veterinary professional’s perspective – what next for vets and farmers?

NB ALL farm livestock sectors

Cóilín Nunan, scientific adviser to the Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics

Understanding how people outside farming see the antibiotics problem

Potentially uncomfortable listening for our audience. But seeing ourselves as others see us is essential to finding solutions to antibiotic resistant bacteria, acceptable to the society that buys the food animal products we produce.

Owen Atkinson plus two invited audience advocates

Responses to the challenges laid down by Cóilín.

Panel discussion including Cóilín.

Aled Davies, Nuffield Scholar

Practical ways to reduce infection pressure and disease incidence

Applicable on dairy, pig, poultry meat, eggs, beef and sheep farms.

Josh Onyango, Innovation for Agricuture

Challenges and obstacles to reducing antibiotic use in food animals: Identified in May at an experts’ workshop hosted by IfA.

Ingo Walterscheid, Danish pig producer

Rearing pigs without antibiotics

David Speller, broiler chicken producer and visionary

Producing poultry in a post-antibiotics world

Tickets are £30. Lunch & refreshments are provided.

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An Innovation for Agriculture Event funded by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation